Empire Co-Founder wins Catalyst Award

Congratulations to our co-founder Dr. Donald McCarthy on winning a UCSF Catalyst Award! The UCSF Catalyst Award is a program that combines customized expert feedback and advice with funding to help drive promising early-stage research through the lengthy and complex process of translating ideas into patient benefit. Per the Clinical & Translational Science Institute:

“Another technology, from the laboratory of Kamran Atabai, MD, assistant professor of medicine, and presented by Donald McCarthy, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow, was a therapeutic approach to treat malabsorption conditions, such as short bowel syndrome (SBS), via an orally delivered protein found in milk fat globules. SBS is a rare but devastating condition, affecting 15,000 patients worldwide. How impactful would an oral therapy be on quality of life when the standard of care is intravenous feeding, with high morbidity and mortality, and costs of $500,000 per year per patient? In addition to asking questions about promising preclinical data, the industry experts asked about the scientists’ intellectual property position, their manufacturing plans, and the design of clinical trials to ensure that the idea would translate into therapy.”

Learn more about the Catalyst Award here

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