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Empire Biotechnologies is developing an orally delivered, protein therapeutic called Mfge8 to treat diseases of malabsorption. Our long-term vision is a therapy for the millions suffering from malabsorption resulting from diseases and syndromes such as: Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS), Nectotizing Enterocolotis, Cystic Fibrosis, Wasting syndrome, and infant prematurity. Our current focus is the orphan disease Short Bowel Syndrome; a debilitating condition with a significant unmet medical need which causes severe malabsorption.

the mfge8 solution

Empire Biotechnologies is developing an orally delivered, therapeutic protein (Mfge8) capable of significantly increasing the absorption of nutrients in the intestine. This endogenous integrin ligand is found highly concentrated in breast milk. Mfge8 works two-fold by increasing fat uptake directly in intestinal epithelial cells, while simultaneously slowing gastric motility. Because of these two complementary mechanisms of action, this protein promises to be highly effective in treating malabsorption

Short bowel syndrome

Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS) is the most severe condition of malabsorption. SBS occurs when a gastrointestinal disease becomes so severe it requires surgical removal of the affected portion and resection of the remaining intestine. This drastic decrease in intestinal surface area greatly reduces nutritional intake and causes severe malabsorption. Consequently, patients with SBS suffer from physical weakness, chronic diarrhea, dehydration, and often develop serious psychological issues due to the drastic lifestyle changes necessary to cope with SBS.


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Donald McCarthy, PhD

Co-Founder, CEO
Dr. McCarthy holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry. He directs technology development, company milestones, and research efforts with our scientific partners. Dr. McCarthy is an expert in Mfge8 biology and is positioned to make quick progress in its preclinical and clinical development.
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Stephen Kasper

Co-Founder, Director
Dr. Kasper holds a Ph.D. in nanoscale engineering. He has years of experience with CROs and SBIR/STTR funded startups. As director Dr. Kasper uses his experience with CRO’s and nanoscale engineering to advance Empire’s lead asset through preclinical development.
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Piero Mendez

Founding Team, CFO
Mr. Mendez graduated with a B.S in Biomedical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. He has founded multiple startups and has experience with early stage financing in the healthcare industry.


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